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Activity Discussion General Discussion How do the poor survive when the government is unable to meet the basic needs? Reply To: How do the poor survive when the government is unable to meet the basic needs?

  • Shivani

    July 7, 2021 at 8:13 am
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    The current inflation is associated with a dramatic increase in unemployment and unemployment, leaving families with fewer resources to meet their basic needs – food, heat, and shelter. These circumstances have led Congress and President Obama to consider investing more in emergency aid programs within the proposed economic recovery law — the HR, which has recently passed and is awaiting a Senate amendment to the congressional committee.

    Helping low-income families and people has ample reason to increase funding for these programs, but providing these basic services helps the nation as a whole in advancing economic and employment development goals.


    Recovery package proposals included additional funding for the following meal plans:

    Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps)

    Emergency Food Assistance (food banks, food cakes, soup kitchens)

    Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

    Including these programs — which directly provide food and cash benefits through food purchases — in the return package is essential. Just before the start of the current economy in December 2007, 36.2 million Americans, including 12.4 million children, suffered from food insecurity at some point during the year. This means that a lack of money or other resources prevented them from getting enough food or created doubts about it. The years 2007 and 2008 were marked by a combined food consumption of 9.5 percent, which made matters worse. Although recent USDA estimates predict a slight change in trend, with food prices declining by 3 to 4 percent in 2009, prices may not return to previous levels, raising concerns about the availability of high-risk American families.


    Recommendation package proposals include additional funding for the following homeless assistance programs:

    Emergency food and accommodation plan

    Homeless Assistance Grants

    Homeless Children’s Education and Youth Programs


    Recommendation package suggestions include additional funding for the following energy aid programs:

    Small Power Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

    Weather Assistance Program (WAP)

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