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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Ishita

    July 7, 2021 at 2:49 pm
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    Action speak louder than words<div>

    <div>This is one of the most significant proverbs we learn in our life. This proverb is valuable, mature and wise in its teaching. It says that what one does has a stronger impact on people than what one speaks. People believe you by what you are doing not what you are speaking. Action has more weight than words when the matter of trust comes. And trust is that the most vital thing in any relationship. No relationship can survive without trust. Action is the main requirement when you try to reach a goal. Many people make various claims to prove their goals but these claims would be useless without action. In the case of parenting this proverb is very valuable. There are some examples from which you can learn the value of this proverb. Like if you wanna prove something then don’t fake it by words,just show your ability by actually doing it. Children can quickly learn the fake words if any action has taken place. Some people punish their child for wrongdoing and many parents don’t. But if kids don’t get punished for wrongdoing they don’t value their parents. Similarly if parents don’t do what they promised then the kids also don’t value the words of the parents. Actions are certainly pre-eminent in the case of leadership. The orders and directions from a pacesetter won’t matter much if the leader is actionless. If he doesn’t work by his work then he will lose his respect and trust. A leader must take suitable action to show everyone he means what he says. Thus you can see the proverb “Action speaks louder than words” teaches us valuable life lesson.Words can be easily used to lie but an action strongly correlates with what one wants and believes. So an action definitely speaks louder than words.</div><div>

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