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  • Shivani

    July 8, 2021 at 10:04 am
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    Van Mahotsav’s Importance on Biodiversity The Indians have many tree-related festivals. One such festival is the Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival. Van Mahotsav was founded in 1950 by K. M. Munshi, then Minister of Agriculture and Food Unions at the time to create a stir among the masses of forest conservation and tree planting. Van Mahotsav, a week-long tree planting festival is held annually in July, across India where millions of trees are planted. As strong winds continue to cross the Gangetic plains, Van Mahotsav is celebrated in some parts in early July, in others, in August, and in the west, and in September.

    The main purpose of planting trees in Van Mahotsav’s time was to: Increase awareness of trees and the love of trees among the people. • Facilitate soil conservation and binding soil fertility degradation. • Increase the planting and maintenance of trees on farms, villages, municipalities and community land for their aesthetic, economic and security needs.

    Provide fuel and remove cow dung for use as compost. • Increase fruit production and add to the country’s potential food sources.

    Assist the construction of shelter belts in the agricultural sector to increase their productivity. • Feed the fodder leaves to the cattle to release the grazing capacity of the protected forests. • Provide tree and tree ornamentation. Provide small poles and planks for agricultural equipment, • housing and fencing. As part of the Van Mahaotsav celebrations across the country, the deforestation campaign was launched after being considered since the 1950s with the aim of keeping the forest cover extinct in the country. Deforestation has greatly affected the environment around us and we have had to do something about conservation. In the race for city-building and city decoration, trees were considered the greatest stumbling block. They come in the form of roads, flyovers, hoardings, pavements and all other necessities of city life. This led to the felling of the trees. Deforestation has also brought about climate change. Planting trees is a symbolic act of celebrating our respect for all that grows in the forest. Late K. M. Munshi had said, “trees mean water, water helps to grow wheat and bread, and it is the bread that gives and sustains life. Without trees and forests the clouds of King Indra will not bless us. Without that water there will be no rivers and no rain-fed forests. We should all understand and know that the nourishment of human life on this planet cannot be planned without trees. ”Quotes from the 18th-century British poet Christopher Smart, who wrote about the interdependence of plants and trees and the interdependence of prayer, making our lives more meaningful and meaningful. “Trees, plants, and flowers of good roots; Blossoms, fruitful ……………… And with sorrow the rich wind enriches the grateful sun,

    The Earth Makes, The Glorious Light is a cool Dale shade, champaign, growth and mountain, Where the Secret remains happy And wisdom hides its grace. ”Vedas, teach us to seek… ..“ Bless me O Lord with hills and high mountains that give birth to rivers and forests with fruit trees …… May peace fill the plants and forests. May God’s rule over the rivers be at peace. May King Brahma have peace. May there be peace on earth. May peace manifest itself in every way …… ”But Van Mahotsav is more than just forest planting and tree planting. It is about a nearby place.

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