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Activity Discussion Essay Happiness Reply To: Happiness

  • Anushree

    July 8, 2021 at 9:09 pm
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    Happiness is a state of mind which we possess when something good happens to us and we feel that goodness at our heart. This is an abstract feeling which is not materialistic and cannot be bought by money or some other possession. Happiness brings with itself a lot of positivity and also provides us with the motivation to go ahead and achieve other milestones. Happiness also maintains the zeal and enthusiasm for doing things and experiencing new paths. Happy state of mind also increases the age of people and lets them live a longer life.

    Happiness is a key to healthy life; it sets a soul free and encourages it to explore the world and also gives us power. Happiness is a part of being successful in life it is that fruit which we all want to grow and thus we do so much of hard work throughout our entire life so that we can live a happy peaceful life after all. Happiness cannot be ever faked it comes straight out from our heart and it is priceless. At the end of a hard-earned day all we care for is some peace and happiness in our families and ourselves so that we can start another fresh day ahead.

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