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Activity Discussion Essay Racism Reply To: Racism

  • Mahima

    July 13, 2021 at 7:31 pm
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    Racism is the irrational idea that a certain race has different cultural features bestowed by hereditary elements that make individual candidates fundamentally higher than others and given the right to mistreat inferior races. When we clearly define racism, we can understand how incomprehensible and unfathomable such a notion is.

    However, racism is so deeply ingrained in our awareness and unconscious that we now have long laid claim to such repulsive beliefs.

    Mental stress, social harassment, and even physical attacks are examples of unjustified behavior and acts. We have allowed racist statements and acts to go unchecked, which leads to more division and animosity between two distinct individuals from different backgrounds. In today’s world, there is a never-ending, vicious cycle and a tremendous catastrophe.

    We should never criticize someone based on how they appear or speak. Nothing can change the fact that all people are born equal. Racism and other narrow-minded ideas should have died out with the growth of educated people and the mingling of diverse races. Sadly, such behavior is still prevalent and shows no signs of abating.

    Racism makes people feel bad about themselves for being born in a specific way or having a certain skin color. Racism has no scientific basis, and racists are completely unaware of the sentiments of other people.

    We’re always talking about how contemporary society accepts many cultures and people. We want to achieve monumental goals such as world peace and the abolition of hunger and poverty, yet we are unwilling to work together to make such improvements a reality. Racism is a hindrance to our society’s social progress. With such constricted and restricted ideas, it is difficult to achieve anything significant. It is a sensitive subject that needs individuals to have an open mind and welcome change.

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