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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on confidence. Reply To: Write an essay on confidence.

  • tanya

    July 15, 2021 at 4:10 pm
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    A combination of trustworthiness, reliability, faith in success, and the strength to face the results is termed confidence. All these attributes are interlinked. The word ‘Confidence’ comes from the Latin word ‘Fider,’ which means trust. Confidence helps people in building healthy relationships.

    People with confidence are a lot healthier and suited for any profession. They get a sense of leadership after building confidence in them. It takes time and inner ability to build confidence. In every area, confidence is one such thing that is required by all. Be it a front-end or a backend worker, everyone is expected to have confidence in them to perform any sort of work. Even when someone goes for an interview, the first thing that the interviewer sees is confidence. It is said that their knowledge is tested afterward but the first and foremost thing that is taken into consideration by anyone is confidence.

    Confidence plays a crucial role in life these days. People need to have trust in themselves which is further required to have better productivity at work and also for building a strong relationship. Even when a person has enough skill, but lack of confidence can take down the person in life. Lack of confidence is often seen in people which gets them demotivated. On the other side, being overconfident about something also does not do good to anyone. Having the right amount of confidence is necessary these days. It makes the person presentable in front of others. All that is required by people today is having enough confidence that they can stand in front of other people without being demotivated. It boosts self-esteem and makes it easier for us to love ourselves.

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