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  • Ishita

    July 28, 2021 at 7:47 pm
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    The Internet has become the main resource of our lives. Every possible thing is available on the internet. From food to clothes we consume all of these with the internet. We are so dependent on the internet that it is hard to live without it. But it is not impossible. Like we all know our ancestors don’t have access to the internet but still they have a flawless life. But in this twentieth century it is hard to imagine a day without. I must say the internet and technology have made our lives so easy. We can have any information anytime, we can consume any goods from the internet, we can connect to people from all over the world. So it is a great blessing towards us. Mobile phones make work easier and earlier for us. It saves both time and effort at the same time. It makes our education system so easy. Many difficulties of studies can be easily solved by it. Specifically in this pandemic period studies are based on online. So this way the internet contributed so much to our studies. There are so many different kinds of video calling or class room apps by which we can give or take classes. It is called an online class. Online class is the way to move forward with our education in this difficult time. It can also help us to not lose hope in life as we all are now isolated and can’t talk or spend time with anyone. Talking with teachers can make us motivated in this situation. We can also continue our studies. It helps us to be positive and energetic in every situation. But it is helpful to us also before the pandemic situation. Many students can’t afford tutions and proper coaching for studies, but through this technological development they are able to get proper guidance. The internet has also become an integral part of many curricula beyond the internet classes. There are so many education websites and platforms which help students to improve their skills. the internet makes education exciting, and straightforward, which results in a better student learning experience. But on the other hand it has many negative impacts towards our lives. Like many serious offence like terrorism, cyber bullying, and cyber crime in done by the help of internet. So many teenagers and children are so addicted to it that they don’t spend time with real friends and family. It makes an impact on studies and can’t let them socialise with others. So it can be said that the internet has both bad and good effects . It is hard to live without it but we can be achieve more if we don’t spend our times with friends, books and family. So don’t waste your all time in internet it will help you to be more better person.

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