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Activity Discussion Environment How can environmental education play an important role in environment protection Reply To: How can environmental education play an important role in environment protection

  • Ishita

    August 4, 2021 at 6:29 pm
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    Education has the ability to make an impact on people. So it can play an important role to spread awareness on environmental issues. There is a subject called environmental science which gives us every possible information about environment. This is deals with the need to protect the environment because global warming, pollution, and many other issues are affecting our environment in a worse way. We know the significance of a healthy ecosystem and what should we do to protect our environment through education. Most of the wrong steps against environment was taken out of lack of knowledge. So we have to be educated to learn this knowledge of environment. Environmental education are important for both human and nature, the importance of education in environment can not be overemphasis. Education has the power to impact on society and provide better information to all folks. Education has a prominent role in saving information. It has the power to solve all problems we are facing. Education can give right information on the natural environment functions, and how we can deal with issues of ecosystem. So many people conduct an environmental awareness program in schools and societies. It will help people to become aware of environmental issues and take actions through it. A lot of issues like global warming, pollution, climate change are facing by the people of all around the globe. Education provide us information about how to deal with it. It motives us to talke proper action on the problems. It guide us to think deeply, seriously and rationally.

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