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Activity Discussion Environment What is ground water harvesting? Reply To: What is ground water harvesting?

  • Ishita

    September 20, 2021 at 2:12 pm
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    Groundwater harvesting is a very brilliant method of conserving and saving water. At this time we are confronting so many difficulties regarding water. This method can be a blessing to us if we use it properly.

    It is indeed very helpful to us. If you can use this method properly, there are some ways of groundwater harvesting. Let’s learn about it,

    Considerably there are two ways of groundwater harvesting, one is Surface runoff harvesting and another is Rooftop rainwater harvesting. It can store the rainwater for reuse. This water can be used in various ways such as gardening, cleaning and irrigation.

    Surface runoff harvesting:-

    It means that the assortment, accumulation, purification and shorting of the water for eventual reuse. This method can be used for collecting rainwater or flowing water along the surface. During the rain, the water can be collected into a tank below the ground for many purposes.

    Rooftop rainwater harvesting:-

    Rooftop rainwater harvesting could also be a conservation technique through which the water of rain are often captured from the roof catchment and stored reservoir. The roof becomes the catchment of the rainwater. It can either be bottled in a tank or shifted to an artificial recharge procedure. This is very less expensive and more effective as well.

    These are followed by some sub-components, like catchment, transportation, first flush and filter.

    Catchment:- the rainwater is received by the surface that is the catchment of groundwater harvesting. It can be on Terrence, courtyard, or paved or unpaved open ground.

    Transportation:- transportation is the rainwater carried through a pipe or drain to the storage area. Each drain should have wire mesh to limit floating material.

    First, flush:-

    It is a tool wont to flush off the water received within the first shower. The first shower of rain must be flushed off-off to prevent infecting rechargeable water by the apparent pollutants of the atmosphere and thus the catchment roof.

    Filter:- filter is meant to purify the water.

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