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Activity Discussion General Discussion Importance of rules. Reply To: Importance of rules.

  • Ishita

    September 22, 2021 at 2:15 pm
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    Importance of rules:-

    Rules are in every society and community. In every place, rules are important to help people live happy and safe lives. Rules are very important to be organised, maintain harmony in a community, maintain the behaviour of civilians and many more. Besides that, rules ensure the safety of people. Because if we don’t have rules in the community then some corrupted and bad people take advantage of innocent people. The rate of crime in society. Hard rules maintain the fear of getting punished. So the evil doesn’t get the power of harming the innocent. This way rules maintain peace and harmony and make people safe and sound. It helps youth to understand what is acceptable in society. It helps them to think twice before taking any steps. When you see proper rules and regulations in a place it ensures your trust. Rules fewer places are sceptical and unsafe. Rules are very important to maintain the active nature of people. We don’t do our work properly if strict rules aren’t set for us. We will take our word for granted without rules. It generally helps the weaker people in society to live a peaceful life. They are at a disadvantage in society. The rules of every place are important to accomplish the task of our lives. A place without rules and regulations become so unsafe and terrible. People of the place become reckless in their activities. It will harm the weak and innocent people. That’s why rules are the most important thing in life.

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