Animal Riddles

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  • Grade Levels: 1st – 3rd
  • Subjects: English Language Arts, EFL – ESL – ELD, Grammar,
  • Resource Type: Printables, Worksheets, Assessment, Flashcards
  • Formats Included: Pdf
  • Print Length: 14 pages
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5 cm
  • Language: English

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13 reviews for Animal Riddles

  1. Chammi

    Nice content ideas…

  2. Pavini

    I absolutely loved this book of animal riddles for my child. The riddles were not only entertaining but also educational as they helped my child to learn more about different animals and their characteristics. I highly recommend this book to any parent looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce their child to the world of animals.

  3. Fadipe

    Amazing content!

  4. Delly

    We recently purchased the animal riddle flashcards for our children and we are extremely impressed with the quality and educational value of this product. We highly recommend these flashcards to other parents looking to make learning about animals interactive and enjoyable for their kids.

  5. Delly

    As a parent, I have to say that the animal riddles book was a huge hit with my children. They absolutely loved trying to guess the answers to each riddle and learning fun facts about different animals along the way. It was a great way to challenge their thinking skills and keep them entertained for hours on end. I also appreciated that the riddles were age-appropriate and not too difficult for them to figure out. I highly recommend this book for any parent looking to engage their children in a fun and educational activity.

  6. Tinkle

    Given content in this book is very good for beginners. I check this book for my students. In this book many animal riddles with clear pictures is great content for readers. Both sided printed flashcards are very attractive for students. Language in this book is very easy and clear for students. Worksheets are very good collection for practice.

  7. Glenda

    As a kindergarten teacher on the lookout for engaging and educational resources, I stumbled upon this book and this turned out to be an absolute delightful collection of clever riddles that has quickly become a classroom favorite.

  8. Sagar

    Best Book I Ever Seen

  9. Rhona

    Nice book to study animal riddles for kids.

  10. Chantel

    This Riddle book is amazing

  11. BrookTi

    Animal riddles are a fun and engaging way to challenge one’s knowledge of the natural world. These brain teasers typically describe the distinctive features or behaviors of various creatures, challenging the listener to correctly identify the animal in question.

  12. BrookTi

    “Animal Riddles” is a delightful and engaging book filled with clever riddles that captivate readers of all ages. Each riddle challenges the mind while offering fascinating facts about various animals. The illustrations are vibrant and complement the text perfectly, making the book both educational and entertaining. It’s a fantastic read for children and a fun way for adults to test their animal knowledge.

  13. Tinkle

    In short, Animal Riddles is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves animals,

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