Birds Name With Pictures

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  • Grade Levels: Kindergarten-3rd
  • Subjects: English Language Arts, EFL – ESL – ELD, Vocabulary, Reading
  • Resource Type: Printables, Book, Flashcards, Activities, Homework
  • Formats Included: Pdf
  • Print Length: 6 pages
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5 cm
  • Language: English

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9 reviews for Birds Name With Pictures

  1. Bunny

    Really a good book for new learners. I check this book for my children. In this book, the content is very easy for children’s, and all pictures are very clear with given examples. Vocabulary is very easy for new learners and activities for practice are very good for children’s.

  2. Tinkle

    Really a good collection of vocabulary words for new learners. I check this book for my students. In this book, very easy vocabulary words with colorful pictures are very attractive for kids. Activities with good exercise are very good for students to check his/her ability. Coloring quality is very good.

  3. Sagar

    Very Helpful Book For My Kid

  4. Fadipe

    Nice content…

  5. Rajat

    very helpful sheets

  6. Tinkle

    Interesting birds and book for small brother

  7. Chantel

    Nice book for students.

  8. Shayan

    This book will be very helpful for your students.

  9. BrookTi

    Birds Name With Pictures” is an informative and visually appealing guide showcasing a variety of bird species with clear and engaging images. It’s perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts looking to identify and learn about birds.

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