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Activity Discussion Environment How can we save water Reply To: How can we save water

  • Kumari

    May 8, 2021 at 7:43 pm
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    As water is one of the most important resource for our survival it is very important for us to save water. There are various ways by which water can by saved.
    Some of the ways are-
    1. We should take just that amount of water that we can drink and not waste it.
    2. If some water is left in the glass we should reuse it by watering the plants
    3. While brushing,taking bath aur cleaning the utensils we should switch off the tap.
    4. We should take care all the taps,showers ,pipes and toilets of our house are not leaking and if they are try to mend it as soon as possible.
    5. Rain water harvesting is a process where rain water is stored on the terrace so that the water can be reused.
    6. Planting the plants that need less amount of water for there growth.
    7. Don’t let the tap be open while watering the plant through pipes.
    8. Use a washing machine when there is full load of clothes.
    9. While cooking cover the utensils with lid to reduce the wastage of water while heating.
    10. Taking shower instead of bathing can also help in saving water.
    11. Water the plants in the evening so that evaporation is minimized.
    12. Tell people around you the value of water and ways in which it can be saved.
    13. Collect water in the sink and then cleaning fruits and vegetables.
    14. Don’t dirty utensils more than you needs as washing them will require more water then needed.
    15. While taking a hot shower don’t waste the cold water that comes prior to hot water,reuse it for different things.
    16. If you have a pet, give them bath in the lawn so that the water gets used by the plants and grasses.
    Water is a very important component and as i responsible citizen it is our duty to save them so that the next generation also gets to enjoy the resources of our planet earth.

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