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Activity Discussion Environment Different types of pollution. Reply To: Different types of pollution.

  • Anushree

    May 11, 2021 at 6:02 pm
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    Our environment when exposed to some toxic harsh elements gets damaged and this complete process of experiencing the toxicity and getting damaged is scientifically known as pollution. Pollutions are mainly caused by human beings and does degrade our environment to a great extend which further becomes a threat to the mankind. Pollution if not controlled in right time with composite measures can cause infinite damages and bring hazards.

    The various kinds of pollution include:


    The smoke released from factories, vehicles, burning fuels, the toxic remains from various machines contaminates the air we breathe. This reduces the percentage of oxygen in air and increases the content of harmful poisonous substances. Which eventually gets inside us and make us suffer from various kinds of lung related problems such as asthma, breathing issues and many more.


    The improper drainage system and the dumping of various industrial, household and mechanical toxic wastes into the water bodies results in causing water pollution. This extremely affects the aquatic life as the water becomes dirty and poisonous due to dumping of waste and further this water reaches us human beings for consumption which if not filter and consumed can cause various health hazards.

    We human beings sometimes even end up dumping various industrial and household wastes into landfills. But when these wastes contain non-biodegradable substances, it creates a havoc. The soil gets toxic and this even indirectly affects us as we grow our crops and consume those for our nutrients. The toxicity of the soil enters the crops with secondarily enters our bodies and we suffer from diseases.


    Now a days this is a burning issue, with the growth of technology we are using the superpower of volume and that is affecting us in inverse way. Being exposed to loud sound for long period on a daily basis can lead to various hearing problems.

    Its high time that we take measure to control the various pollutions and make earth a healthy planet.

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