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Activity Discussion General Discussion 5 Stress management techniques. Reply To: 5 Stress management techniques.

  • Anushree

    May 11, 2021 at 10:28 pm
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    In life whenever we deal with tough situations, we develop stress and anxiety. The word STRESS may sound to be a mere word but has deep connections with the mental state of a person. And if the mental state of a person is disturbed then everything goes wrong. Dealing with stress is way tough than one thinks it to be and if a person is stressed for a long time and is not helped by family and friends then it may even lead to serious mental disorders.

    But if dealt properly then it is possible to come out of stress and live a free normal life, so next time whenever you feel stressed try following the below mentioned steps:

    1. PHYSICAL EXERCISE: Regular physical exercise ensures proper movement and blood circulation in body this further helps in sending more oxygen to the brain which helps a lot to reduce stress.

    2. MEDITATION AND YOGA: Practicing to meditate is one of the best ways to deal with tough situations as it helps to calm down your mind and think with a broder conception.

    3. DRINKING LOTS OF WATER: Keeping oneself hydrated is very important, be it in stress or not one must consume enough water daily, it helps to get rid of the metabolic wastes and makes us feel refreshed.

    4. TALKING: Sharing your thoughts with some close person who understands and supports you is a great remedy to deal with stress, physical contact like good touch, handshakes, hugs help one to let the negativity go.

    5. ROUTINE: Following a timetable and not over thinking is an important trick to deal with stress, when a person is jammed with work he/she gets no time to over think and thus takes a step forward to reduce stress.

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