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  • Aashutosh

    May 13, 2021 at 8:35 pm
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    All kinds of animals live together in these ecosystems. These animals for communities among themselves and follow the specific diet accordingly which connect them in a food chain. There are three kinds of creatures in the ecosystem.

    First, those animals who only eat plants and are called Herbivores.

    Second, those animals who only eat meat. They are called Carnivores.

    Third and last, those animals who eat both plants and meat. They are called Omnivores.

    In ecosystems, all three types of animals play vital roles. The balance of the ecosystems is maintained by every animal. If any of the three systems extinct or become scarce, the entire balance of the ecosystems will collapse.

    As discussed above, herbivores are animals who exclusively lived by eating plants and herbs. Their diet specifically contains grass, tree bark,
    aquatic vegetation, and shrubby growth. They are surprisingly in greater numbers. They include Cows, Ox, buffalo, deer, etc. An ecosystem must provide enough vegetation for sustaining the life of herbivores. They spend most of their time grazing on the field, eating plants that are present in the ecosystems to stay alive. If the abundance of plants declines, herbivores may not have enough to eat. Resulting in the disbalance of the ecosystems. Which have an impact on omnivores as well as on carnivore animals.

    Coming onto Carnivore animals. They feed on herbivores animals as well as on omnivores. Nature depends on the carnivore animals to keep the check on the population of herbivore animals. Carnivore includes Lion, Tigers, wolves, birds, etc. They hunt their prey and maintain the balance of the ecosystems. Carnivores rely on
    sufficient prey in the food chain to survive. If the
    herbivore population or the population of other carnivores reduces,
    carnivores might not survive.

    Last is Omnivore animals, they have an upper hand in the food chain because their diet is most diverse. These animals plan their diet according to the availability of food, sometimes it can survive only on plants, and other times it can survive on meat. Though omnivores can’t eat all the plants that herbivores can eat because of the difference in the digestive system that both have. Generally, they can eat fruits and vegetables but not grass and some grains. Omnivores do hunt like Carnivores and can survive on that. E.g. Bears, humans, dogs, etc.

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