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  • Ishita

    May 15, 2021 at 8:29 pm
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    Pollution has become a most thing in our lives. We encounter with pollution in various ways and various places.there are many types of pollution like – water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution etc. There are some ways to prevent and control pollution. So there are different steps we can take for this different kinds of pollution. So here I briefly discuss some ways of control three most effective pollution-

    The Control of Water pollution:-

    The rates of water pollution increases day by day. The main cause of this pollution are the waste from household, agriculture land, factories get trough into lakes. So there are some ways to control it ,

    • Reduce using of cemical to wash your stuff.
    • Don’t wash clothes, dishes at nearby water body.
    • Always clean Water bodies.
    • Don’t pee or poop outside toilet.
    • Try to preserve rain water.
    • Reduce use chemical fertilizer on lands.

    Control of air pollution:-

    Air pollution also become a part of daily life. When we go outside we have to save polluted air. The cause of air pollution are rush driving, polluted air out from the factories chimney , deforestation etc. So there are some ways to control it, like

    • Pant trees .
    • Stop rush driving
    • Avoid burning leafs, trash, and chemicals.
    • Reduce the use of wood stove .
    • Recycle and reuse items.
    • Reduce of use air conditioner.

    Control of Soil pollution:-

    Soil pollution rates are increase very much. Soil effect in our lives deeply. As soil is the main thing for making grains. The main cause of soil pollution are using of cemical fertilizer, plastic use, deforestation. So there are some ways to control it, like

    • Avoid deforestation, and increase planting trees
    • Reduce using chemical fertilizers.
    • Stop the usage of plastic.
    • Always trough waste on dustbin.
    • Always use biodegradable meterial.
    • Avoid using Non-biodegradable meterial.
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