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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on gender equality. Reply To: Essay on gender equality.

  • Manpreet

    May 17, 2021 at 8:24 pm
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    WOMAN- a mother who nurtures, a wife who serves, a friend who listens, a daughter who loves, a sister who cares. From age old times the description of a woman revolves around a man and his family. Rarely a woman is described as a human being, a creature of God with emotions, feelings, patience, passion, dreams and endless love. Who has the right to open up, to live for herself, to breathe freely! We rarely define a man with such nouns. What you think about a woman makes you believe that she is born to serve, if you ever thought a woman as described latter, you would have let her LIVE.

    We are living in a patriarchal society, where men are supposed to work and woman are supposed to be found in kitchen. With time the delusion of perceiving a woman just in the kitchen changed. Now she is ‘allowed’ work after marriage, ‘allowed’ to live her dreams and passion. Oh, allowed! Why does the society thinks a woman needs to be “allowed” what a man is supposed to do?

    We talk about gender equality. But we belong to a society where a woman is being judged on each step. She no longer eats after the men have completed their supper, but she still cannot put her ideas into words or actions.

    If she gets angry, may be at a work place, her anger is judged as a mood swing of “those days”!!! why so unfair?!! Is a woman not allowed to show her anger or argue with someone unless and until she is menstruating? Is a woman not supposed to get angry whereas men are considered to be as figures of valor and confidence!! Why are men not being judged when they are being argumentative?

    No wonder how efficiently a lady could work, she will face trouble during the times of promotion in most of the companies. I am not talking about all the work firms but yes, most of them do raise a question on her personal life and issues. A man, too, has a family back at home. He is never being judged based on his personal life. Why?

    No wonder whatever a woman does or tries to do, she will always be questionable. Why don’t we question men?

    Yes, I firmly believe that women are progressing and living their dreams, following their passions- but we all have had faced the questions of the society, a society that never questions a man.

    While talking about rape and molestation, it is an undeniable fact that men too get raped – but where do we find any man walking with fear on a road at a late hour of the day? Where do we find a man faking a phone call on a dark night travelling alone, where do we find a man adjusting his dress in front of a woman. But we do justify a rapist (a man) when we raise questions against a rape victim as what was she doing there at such a late hour. By raising questions on her dress or the time of the day. A rapist never sees the length of the dress or the age of the lady, all he knows is about the vagina and his uncontrolled hormones, because women in sarees are being raped too, whereas girls with under developed vagina are being raped too. Age or clothes do not justify a hideous crime done by a man.

    women have been facing discrimination since ages. It is true that some of them get a chance to live their life on their own terms, but most of them are bound by their families and the orthodox believes of the society. It is true that women are being judged on their talents too, but the fact is – only a few get this chance!! We are still living in a world where XY enjoys some benefits that a XX has to fight for!!

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