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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is ozone hole? Reply To: What is ozone hole?


    May 18, 2021 at 6:13 pm
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    The ozone layer is the layer present in the stratosphere. It is also known as the ozonosphere. This layer is extremely important for the earth as it helps in blocking all harmful solar radiation to reach the earth. Ultimately shielding the earth against dangerous UV rays.

    Now ozone is produced by the process of photodissociation when the singular atomic release of oxygen molecule happens and that singular atom joins an O2 molecule. Now it is also evident that the amount of ozone production varies every year. But now the scenario has become such that the ozone layer has slowly started its depletion.

    So, let’s discuss more that

    Ozone Depletion

    So what exactly is Ozone Depletion?

    The ozone layer over the year is becoming thinner and thinner. This is ozone depletion. It is happening that due to increasing technologies and modernizing of societies, factories, industries are increasing. For this, the chemical release after the industrial process is also increasing. Chlorine and Bromine are two elements that are pollutants that are actively destroying the state of ozone. It is also taken into account that the process of depletion is particularly more in the polar regions i.e. in the extreme of the earth.

    The harmful effects of ozone depletion:

    1. Air quality may decline

    a. The excessive UV rays form smog that clutters the air around the city making it extremely dense

    b. Increases ground-level ozone that too for a large area.

    c. As a whole the weather is completely and fully changing every year.

    2. Aquatic ecosystem is also affected

    a. Low production of phytoplankton

    b. Oceans get warmed up in the upper half and the nutrients from the bottom don’t get transported upwards

    3. Human health has suffered too

    a. Unnecessary tanning of skin

    b. The skin is exposed to UV radiation that damages the inside.

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