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Activity Discussion General Discussion Keeping fit during the pandemic Reply To: Keeping fit during the pandemic

  • Kumari

    May 21, 2021 at 6:01 pm
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    For a productive and healthy life style a balanced routine is very important which is actually being followed. In this time of pandemic we can feel stress everywhere and we are feeling very low but it is our responsibility to keep our body and mind fit.We can convert this time to a productive time and work on our self by accordingly planning our day. Being productive and fit means doing something thats enhances us and we learn news skills and at the same time utilising our free time for our growth.
    The very first step towards being fit is doing excercise or yoga daily in the place of just sleeping and wasting time and then just feeling guilty and depressed with the news. Doing yoga and exercising will refresh our mind and we will be able to grasp the new activity and as recommended by the doctors it helps enhcnces tha capability of our lungs to take in oxygen. Reading newspaper for knowing the news , the news which will tell us about the happenings around us not about the deaths and complications.Reading good books is also a very productive habbit. It helps re-live thousand lifes in just 1 life. Good books also helps us to become a better version of ourself. People interested in different sectors like startup or counselling and many other can get a huge amount of information and can also learn from renowned businessmen’s experiences. The next step towards is learning a skill weather wheather it be vedio editing, coding and many more things. Productivity also includes carrying on with a hobby. There are a number of different ways in which people can be productive depending on there needs and interests. The most important reason for staying fit is It helps people to maintain their mental peace and active life schedule also helps in maintaining physical health. Gardening and living in the shade of nature is also helpfull for our mental peace and gives us a lot of satisfaction.As the present senerio is quite depressing and stressfull but if we look at it at as an opportunity and cut ourselves from the news and the world outside we can get alot of time for ourselves and for enhancing our skills and growing into a better person.

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