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Activity Discussion Environment What is water pollution? Reply To: What is water pollution?

  • Aruja

    May 23, 2021 at 11:40 am
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    Pollution is the term to define the pollutant that are harmful left out or created materials, rays, that can great damage to the environment. Pollution is man made because everything that is made out of natural resources can be easily get decomposed into the environment, but the material that cannot be decomposed into the environment and it causes harm to the natural cycles of the Living organism.

    Now we will be talking about water pollution . It is a pollution that created in the water. It causes a great harm to the aquatic life. Tons of plastic waste, chemical waste from the factories and waste from the the day today life, all the waste that is created is decomposed into the the large water bodies. Which causes great harm not only do the quality of the water but also the organism living in the water. So many animals die due to the consumption of plastic and during the chemical present dissolved into the water.

    Water pollution is created by humans activities only, to make their life easy, and comfortable, to fulfill their needs, etc. On a daily basis tons of plastic waste is created around the globe to get rid of this on daily basis many countries decompose their ways into the large water bodies like Oceans and seas. They throw all the waste into the water as there is no space left on the land to decompose it. There are so many chemical industries and other factories of different materials who create so many chemical waste aur any kind of waste and they also decompose it into the water bodies without even filtering it.

    It’s not about only human but also about every living organism that is harmed due to the water pollution. There are so many cycles that work including the water from the water bodies. So, of course it eventually causes harm to the humans and because of so much waste present into the oceans it causes death of many aquatic animals on daily basis and so their amount is decreasing.

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