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Activity Discussion Essay What are the different departments involved in making an advertisement? Reply To: What are the different departments involved in making an advertisement?

  • Soniya

    May 25, 2021 at 2:10 am
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    Advertisement are a medium of mass communication. They can be of various types such as printed advertisement Or graphical advertisement or video advertisement or radio advertisement etc.

    Therefore since there are so many different types of advertisement. It require a lot of hard work to create them. The main aim of advertisement is to educate the common public about various details regarding a product or a service or a new web series or a movie etc. Different types of advertisement required different types of groups of departments to work on. For example,

    1.if you are planning to create a graphic advertisement to post it on social media then you may require a content writing team ,social media marketing team Or digital marketing team, graphic designer, a person who knows how to handle WordPress Or blogs.

    2. If you want to create a printed advertisement for a newspaper you may require content writing team, publishing team, a printing team etc.

    3. If you want to create a video advertisement then you may require actors to endorse your brand, script writer to create the effective advertisement 30 to 40 seconds, a content writing team, camera team, editing team etc

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