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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is event management? Reply To: What is event management?

  • Tejasri

    June 1, 2021 at 5:13 pm
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    Even management deals with managing the event. An even may be a bigger one or a smaller event. There are some larger event like marriages, functions etc. it includes all the decorative items , Lighting, food, gifts, good atmosphere etc. It also includes the fulfilling the needs of the guest who are into the function. Based on the performance of the event managers, they’re paid accordingly.


    Decoration is the top most prioritized thing for the event managers. This is because, when our the guest arrives into the function, he/she looks at the decoration initially. After looking at the decoration he/she throws the look on any other things. Decoration is the most impressive thing for the guests and which brings the positive vibes in and around the function and in all the guests. All the flowers symbolize the happiness and every other things like leaves and the bird symbolizes some other things respectively. All the things together make a sense.


    Food is the one of the most important things which the guest looks for in the function. He/ she will be so impressed when the food is cooked well and so well in a good manner.


    Lighting is another most important thing which brings all the attraction in the program if it is held during the night time. All the decorations seem so impressive and the lighting is good. All the colorful lights in the function symbolizes the emotions in the life. It is so attractive to see when the decoration and the lighting are good.

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