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Activity Discussion Essay essay on benefits of regular exercise Reply To: essay on benefits of regular exercise

  • Shweta

    June 7, 2021 at 10:54 am
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    Exercise is known to us since earlier times as it is not a new term for us. As we all know that exercise has always benefitted us and no kind of side effect or loss occurs. The reason for exercising everyday is to remain fit and fine, fresh, active and reduce stress level and anxiety etc. Apart from these, it benefits us in many ways. The different kind of asanas is being done for different purpose. It should be known by us that which asana and exercise benefits us at what point.

    In today’s time, exercise has been the most common and important factor in everyone’s life because in today’s time, everything we eat has a mixture of harmful substances which gives birth to many kind of diseases and henceforth we need to take care of our body. While exercising we clean out our body by burning the calories so that no harmful substance remains there in the body. It is always advised by the professionals that the good diet plays vital role than exercises, if we want actual results, the diet should be maintained and followed.

    People prefer gyms and exercises to lose or gain their weight as well. Hereafter, the exercises helps a lot in cutting the fat and to lose weight. But to achieve something, dedication is the most important thing, if you are dedicated towards your workout time then surely you will get the results.

    Exercises makes you feel fresh and active throughout a day. You will not feel sleepy and you will find yourself more energetic. It boosts your immune system, blood circulation as well. Your sleeping pattern will change, you will get a good sleep. You will look fresh.

    Henceforth, age does not matter. Everyone can do exercise and remain fit and fine.

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