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Activity Discussion Essay short essay on health and fitness Reply To: short essay on health and fitness

  • Anushree

    July 6, 2021 at 10:21 am
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    Staying healthy and fit are directly proportional to each other. In order to lead a healthy and fit life we need to focus on some prime practices which will not only make us physically fit but will also provide us with peace of mind. Staying heathy and fit keeps us away from diseases and thus its medications and side effects. A healthy body homes a healthy mind, and a healthy mind boosts the productive thoughts help us to deal life with positivity in a healthy way. But staying healthy and fit requires discipline, one must have a balanced diet, eating less never makes someone healthy and fit whereas eating the right nutritious food in the right quantity does so. A healthy diet must constitute of all the five nutrients as well as water and roughage. Starving is highly not recommended, giving the body the required nutrients is important. In order to stay fit and healthy one must also regularly practice yoga and physical exercise; these enables movement of each and every part of the body and thus ensures its flexibility also ensures growth and increases stamina. Staying away from negative environment and people is another major practice which is encouraged in order to ensure a healthy and fit body.

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