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Activity Discussion General Discussion Advantages of a computer


  • Shivani

    July 9, 2021 at 1:06 pm
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    A computer is a device that is programmed with a set of commands to perform tasks and to produce results at high speeds. A computer is a machine that can solve complex and unique problems, process data, store and retrieve data and perform calculations faster and more accurately than humans.

    The actual computer definition can be a transparent device.

    However, modern computers can produce tons of counts. The computer can be defined as an input device that stores and processed data as instructions given by a computer user and ultimately yields the result as needed.

    Advantages of the Computer:

    Doing More Tasks –

    Multiple tasks Multiple computer use. One can do a lot of work, do a lot of work at once, and calculate the price problems in a few seconds. A computer can do the job in millions or billions of seconds.

    Speed ​​-

    Now a computer is not just a calculator. Now a computer of the day plays an important role in a person’s life. One of the great benefits of the computer is its incredible speed, which helps a person complete his task in a matter of seconds.

    Expenses / Stores are large –

    The amount of information is the solution to the cost of coffee. One can store big data within the coffee budget. A central database to keep track of how much profit will reduce costs.

    Accuracy –

    One of the benefits of a computer that will do not only statistics but also accuracy.

    Data Security –

    Protecting digital data is understood as data security.

    Task Scheduler –

    It completes the tasks that people may be able to perform.

    Communication –

    The computer helps the user to better understand and communicate with other devices.

    Production –

    The production rate doubles automatically as the computer can do the job very quickly.

    Reduce workload –

    The information is usually obtained by one person at a time who needs to double the work.

    Honesty –

    Computers can do the same job over and over again without throwing mistakes due to fatigue or boredom, which is very common in humans.

    Storage –

    The pc has a built-in memory where it can store excess information. You can also store data on backup devices.

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