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  • Kunal

    February 1, 2024 at 12:53 pm
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    Abstract art and realistic art are two contrasting styles in visual art that differ in their approach to representing the subject matter.

    Abstract art, also known as non-representational or non-objective art, does not attempt to depict a recognizable or realistic depiction of the physical world. Instead, it focuses on conveying emotions, ideas, or concepts through the use of colors, shapes, lines, and forms. Abstract artists often simplify, distort, or exaggerate the subject matter to create a visual language that is detached from realistic representation. Some abstract artists may create works that are completely non-referential, while others may retain some elements of recognizable forms or objects, but in a highly stylized or fragmented manner. The emphasis in abstract art is on exploring the expressive potential of visual elements and engaging the viewer’s imagination and interpretation.

    On the other hand, realistic art, also known as representational or figurative art, aims to depict the subject matter in a manner that closely resembles its appearance in the physical world. Realistic artists strive to create a faithful and accurate representation of the subject, paying close attention to details such as proportions, light and shadow, textures, and color. The goal of realistic art is to capture the subject matter as objectively as possible, often with the intention of creating a lifelike illusion that convinces the viewer of its reality. Realistic art can encompass various styles and techniques, ranging from highly detailed and precise renderings to looser and more painterly interpretations.

    In summary, the main difference between abstract art and realistic art lies in their approach to representation. Abstract art focuses on conveying emotions and ideas through non-representational visual language, while realistic art aims to faithfully depict the subject matter in a manner that closely resembles its appearance in the physical world.

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