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Activity Discussion History Which Famous battle was fought in 1066?

  • Which Famous battle was fought in 1066?

    Posted by Mahima on May 25, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    Which Famous battle was fought in 1066?

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    May 26, 2021 at 7:14 pm
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    The Famous battle which was fought in 1066, is the Battle of Hastings.

    This is the war that was held for winning the crown in England.

    William was selected to be the heir of Edward, the Confessor by himself. He had the designation of a Duke. This decision was taken in 1051. It so happened that later in 1064, Harold, who was the Earl of Wessex was sent to William to confirm that he will take his kingdom under his reign after his demise.

    But the complete scenario changed when Edward on his deathbed gave the kingdom away to Harold.

    All this happened so fast and at such notice that, without further delay, Harold was crowned the next day.

    Soon after this, William declared war on the kingdom. And hence the war began.

    The Battle of Hastings took place between Harold and William,

    Coming to military arrangements now.

    From William’s side, there were around 4,000–7,000 soldiers. They constitute efficient horsemen and archers. William showed up with heavy infantry as well.

    From Harold’s side, there were also about 7,000 men.

    They were mostly untrained people of the village, mostly they didn’t have the required military amenities. They were mostly untrained peasants. Unlike William’s here there were no archers and cavalry.

    The Battle of Hastings started at sunrise on 14th October 1066. Thus, when their armies collided, the forces of William attacked brilliantly with all the military advantage on their side. As the day progressed, the defense started slowly losing their numbers. Harold, the emperor was killed later that same afternoon.

    This marked the victory of William.

    The result of this victory was:

    1. The total English aristocracy was replaced quite smoothly.

    2. There was a creation of upper clergy and posts like administrative officers.

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