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Activity Discussion Essay Biography of Albert Einstein?

  • tanya

    June 4, 2021 at 2:49 am
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    Albert Einstein, born on 14 March 1879, was a German physicist who explained the distinctive and global theories of relativity. He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1921 for his demonstration of the photoelectric effect. He is commonly recognized as the most prominent physicist of the 20th century.

    He belonged to a middle-class family. His father was initially a featherbed salesman but later ran a business with moderate success. His mother was a homemaker. He had a younger sister. Einstein became very religious at the age of 12 and even wrote some songs to praise God. He used to chant tose songs on his way to school. But this began to change when he started Science. He notices that Science always contradicted his religious beliefs.

    Einstein started building his interest in the subject of Science. In his earlier days, he had read a book in which the author imagined riding along with electricity that was moving inside a telegraph wire. But he knew that stationary light waves could never be seen, so there was a contradiction there. He wrote his first scientific paper “The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields”.

    He is known for the discovery of the Photoelectric effect, for which he also won a Nobel Prize in the year 1921. He is also known for his relativity theory, which was proved by the equation E=mc^2. He had made some significant contributions to the extension of the theory of quantum mechanics. He had also extended his research in the fields of gravitation. In 1916, he got his paper published on general relativity, which was all about the theories of gravitation. He also went deep down in the concepts of thermal properties of light and the quantum theory of radiation, which was the foundation of his photon theory of light.

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