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Activity Discussion Environment Can pollution be completely eradicated?

  • Anushree

    June 28, 2021 at 5:57 pm
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    We human beings are witnessing ever increasing pollution with our ever-increasing growth. We have moved a lot forward in terms of technology and many other advancements but at the cost of harming our nature and thus causing environmental pollution. At this stage the facilities which we are enjoying they can be made eco-friendly to a lot extent but it is almost impossible to eradicate pollution. As technology is way advanced these days we can replace paper by e-writing pad but at the same time we cannot stop the utility of certain elements and networks which emits rays and harmful things which causes pollution.

    If we want to eradicate pollution, we need to quit all our luxuries and need to go back to the life of the ancient people where everything was biodegradable. We all know everything comes with a cost and in order to achieve something we need to lose the other same is the case with environmental pollution we can surely reduce it to a lot extent in comparison to what it is today but we can never nullify it, it is the cost which we human need to pay for our advancements and smart life. Thus, I would conclude that it is possible to reduce pollution but not to eradicate it.

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