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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Change The Tenses

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  • Change The Tenses

    Posted by Ayushi on January 23, 2024 at 5:47 pm

    Go through the sentences and change their tenses as directed.

    1. The boy speaks the truth. (Present Continuous Tense)

    2. Mr Cooper has spoken about Dinosaurs. (Present Perfect Continuous Tense)

    3. The boat sailed yesterday. (Simple Present Tense)

    4. Amy went to school yesterday. ( Future Continuous Tense)

    5. The baby cried for hours. (Present Perfect Continuous Tense)

    6. Robert ate all the cookies. (Present Perfect Tense)

    7. I have finished my assignment. (Past Perfect Tense)

    8. Mr Bert had taught for five years. (Past Perfect Continuous Tense).

    9. Dev saw the Prime Minister yesterday. (Future Continuous Tense)

    10. Priya shall finish her stitching by then. (Future Perfect Tense)

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