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  • Edutuber

    June 5, 2021 at 7:32 pm
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    Humans have been using clothes for thousands of years ,even the ones that are considered as our evolutionary ancestors were using clothes for many purposes. They were using clothes for protecting them against climatic changes. They need to survive crippling cold during winter . But now time has passed we are using different types of clothes for different seasons . Cotton fabric is suggested for summer season while we use wool and other thick fabrics for winter seasons. But why do we use light cotton dresses? It is due to some scientific reasons. Using light dresses , it helps in maintaining air flow and ventilation . This helps in maintaining the body temperature. Body needs to maintain the body temperature even the outside temperature is changing . The thin fabrics of cotton helps in this and maintain the ventilation . By using light coloured clothes, it would help reflect the heat rays. Black and dark coloured dresses would absorb the heat rays. It is suggested to use full sleeve shirt and face mask or banaclava while going under direct sunlight. Standing or leaving yourself open under scorching sunlight for long duration causes devolepment of sun tanning and even sun burn. Another tips for summer season

    Drink plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration

    Use sun protection cream while going under sunlight .

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