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  • Shivani

    June 26, 2021 at 8:29 am
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    Buddhism: a Rainbow of Nirvana

    At the end of May, during the full moon of the month, the Buddhists celebrate the Vesakha, the anniversary of the enlightenment of the Buddha. The most devout believers in honor of this event, to put on a plain white robe and prayed. However, their spirit and their soul shall be pink.

    In Buddhism, the color is much deeper than the surface of the device; it represents the state of mind. Buddhists believe that meditating on the individual colors, and the essence of it is as a way of spiritual transformation.

    In the hindu religion, Red is the Life and the Sacred, this

    Designers and devout Hindus have something in common: they both know that color plays a major role in the creation of an environment in which it can improve the mood and well-being. In Hinduism, it is believed that you have the right of use of the flowers of what makes people happy and cheerful all the time. Indian artists use of colour and the depiction of the gods, and to symbolize their most important characteristics.

    Islam: the Green Tradition

    If you are visiting mosques and other sacred Islamic sites, and there is a most likely a lot of green. This lamp has a very special place in the world, and is often used to represent Islam and other major religions.

    Why is it green to be huge. Some people say that green is the favourite colour of the Prophet Mohammed, and that he was wearing a green robe and a turban on his head. Others believe that the color represents the vegetation, and the life. It is written in the Qur’an, and that the inhabitants of Paradise will wear green garments of fine silk.

    Christianity: the Colours in the Sanctuary

    While the last of colors is rare to find it in the Bible, and the color is commonly used in the christian world, especially in the day decorations, including banners, and apparel.

    Black is a symbol of death, that is, it is in the grey color is that of the Good Friday liturgy. It can be also to be a sin that leads to death.

    Blue is the color of the sky, symbol of the sky and of the truth, and it is the preferred choice, as the color of the Ages in order to distinguish it from the lenten season.

    Law: it’s Really blue

    Blue is often associated with the Jewish faith, as it is the color that is used to decorate Hanukkah. However, the shade has a deeper symbolic meaning. The color blue symbolizes heaven, and the spiritual. The israelites used an indigo dye, called tehelet to change the color of the clothes, bed sheets and curtains. In the Torah, a Jew who is trying to pull one of the wires on his instagram a prayer shawl-so when you see it think of all the blue of heaven, and God is above him in the air.

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