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Activity Discussion Environment Conservation of Land resources.

  • Ishita

    October 7, 2021 at 11:03 pm
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    The world is becoming more advanced and modern-day by day and that we start not listening to the environment. We are employing raw resources so uncontrollably that we ignore that these resources are non-renewable. These resources contain lands, rocks, forests, water, fuel, animals, minerals, sunlight, and air. We get a huge number of things from these resources. we’d like to reduce the waste of these resources to protect humans and thus the environment of the planet . it’ll also secure our future generations. There are numerous paths to preserving these resources.

    Conserve water:- we will not survive one day without water. it’s a really important natural resource but we are forgetting that it’s not abundant. the planet is facing a water crisis in many countries. we will change it by changing our daily habits of misusing water. Don’t waste water while brushing, don’t take long showers, don’t overwater your garden. Try some dry methods of cleaning rather than water like wipe your cars with clothes rather than washing them daily and use a mop to wash the ground rather than employing a pipe which wastes an excessive amount of water.

    Save electricity:- a large amount of our energy is produced by burning fossil fuels. Thus you’ll realise that once we start saving energy it’ll naturally save our fossil fuels. it’ll also help to reduce pollution. we will walk more or cycling than by employing a bike or car. we will use conveyance quite private transport. Don’t keep it up to light or fan if you’re not there. Restore your former appliances with current ones as former ones can employ more electricity.

    Reuse and Recycle:- Always attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle your old products or stuff. you’ll use e-books instead of buying hardcovers. attempt to adopt a paperless lifestyle and use technology to remain soft copies of receipts, bills, chats, and more. most significantly stop using plastic products. Use clothes or paper bags rather than plastic bags.

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