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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Correct Verb Form

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  • Correct Verb Form

    Posted by Ayushi on January 31, 2024 at 5:54 pm

    Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets:

    1. He ______ TV most evenings. (watches, is watch, is watching)

    2. He _______ out five minutes ago. (has gone, had gone, went)

    3. When he lived in Hyderabad, he _______ to the cinema once a week. (goes, went, was going)

    4. The baby _______ all morning. (cries, has been crying)

    5. I _______ Rahim at the zoo. (saw, have seen, had seen)

    6. I ______ Kumar this week. (haven’t seen, did’t see, am not seeing)

    7. This paper _____ twice weekly. (is appearing, appearing, appears)

    8. Ashok fell off the ladder when he ________ the roof. (is mending, was mending, mended)

    9. I _________ something burning. (smell, am smelling, have been smelling)

    10. Look, the sun ______ over the hills. (rises, is rise, is rising)

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