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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Creative ways to transform everyday household items into art or craft project?

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  • Creative ways to transform everyday household items into art or craft project?

    Posted by Ananya on June 21, 2023 at 3:34 pm

    I want to use household or waste material to create useful art and craft project.

    Shubhangi replied 1 year ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Shubhangi

    June 21, 2023 at 3:58 pm
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    </div><div>Transforming everyday household items into art or craft projects can be a fun and creative way to upcycle and give new life to ordinary objects. Here are some ideas to inspire you:</div><div>
    </div><div>Bottle Vases: Repurpose glass bottles, such as wine or soda bottles, by painting them in vibrant colors or decorating them with adhesive gems, ribbons, or twine. They can be used as unique vases for flowers or as decorative accents.</div><div>
    </div><div>Tin Can Planters: Clean and paint tin cans to create charming planters. Add drainage holes to the bottom, and then plant small herbs, succulents, or flowers in them. Arrange them in a creative way to make a mini indoor garden.</div><div>
    </div><div>Magazine Collage: Cut out colorful images, patterns, and textures from old magazines and create collages on canvases, wooden panels, or even cardboard. Layer and arrange the cutouts to make visually striking compositions.</div><div>
    </div><div>Plastic Spoon Mirror: Gather plastic spoons, paint them in various colors, and cut off the handles. Glue the rounded ends of the spoons around a circular mirror or a cardboard base to create a unique and decorative wall mirror.</div><div>
    </div><div>Egg Carton Art: Cut out individual sections of an egg carton and transform them into flowers by painting them in different colors. Attach them to a canvas or cardboard, and add details like stems and leaves. You can create a lovely textured and dimensional piece.</div><div>
    </div><div>CD/DVD Mosaic: Take old CDs or DVDs that you no longer use and break them into small pieces. Use these pieces to create a mosaic design on a surface like a wooden tray, a picture frame, or even a tabletop. Seal the design with a clear adhesive or resin for a polished finish.</div><div>
    </div><div>Fabric Scrap Quilt: If you have leftover fabric scraps, sew them together to make a patchwork quilt or wall hanging. Mix and match colors and patterns to create a visually appealing and unique textile art piece.</div><div>
    </div><div>Key Wind Chime: Collect old keys and attach them to a metal or wooden hoop using strings or wires. Hang the keys at different lengths, and add bells or other small decorative items to create a whimsical wind chime.</div><div>
    </div><div>Remember, the possibilities are endless, and you can let your imagination run wild when repurposing household items into art or craft projects. Always prioritize safety and ensure that the items you use are clean and suitable for the intended purpose. Happy crafting!</div>

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