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Activity Discussion General Discussion discussion

  • Ishita

    July 20, 2021 at 7:52 pm
    Not Helpful

    The corona pandemic make this whole world a different places. Our whole education system is changed a lot. Students suffer a lot during this time,the online education keep them going in the lockdown.We all love to travel, go to school and different ply. But this situation make us isolated from everyone. But even in this situation we can’t stop our studies. As it will the effect the education system so badly. Technology make us capable of every possible things we ever think off. In nowadays we all have smartphone in our hand so studies can be by it. Their are so many different kinds of video calling or class room app by which we can give or take class it is called online class. Online class is the way to move forward our education in this difficult time. It can also help us to not losing hope in life as we all are now isolated can’t talk or spend time with anyone. Talking with teacher can make us motivated in this situation. We can also continue our studies. It helps us to be positive and energetic in every situation. But their are also some disadvantages of online class like the children who live in rural areas don’t have appropriate network connection or internet so many of them can’t able to take class. It will make them so undeveloped. Many of the students can’t afford smartphone or proper internet connection so they can not move forward in their education. They can lose hope in life and be motivated. Sometimes they don’t want to continue their studies. So our government should provide this students proper internet and phone. If we all can able to get online class we can able to move forward in life. Technology is come as a blessing in this difficult time and online class is the biggest example of it. So we have to be positive and never lose hope in our studies.

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