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Activity Discussion General Discussion English language

  • Tejasri

    May 22, 2021 at 5:39 pm
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    English has become the most important and the most used language in the world. This is because, many of the countries near the English language even though the national language is different.

    English is used in many of the companies, schools, colleges, marketing, business etc. everyone is familiar of English and it is the easiest language to learn within few days of time.

    Even though the individual is not familiar of English, the individual learns English in order to get placed in a good company or to start a new company that is a new start up.

    As English is the one of the most easiest languages, an individual must learn from the childhood. It’s like that of India, even though the national language is Hindi, many of the schools and colleges teaches the students in English. This is because whenever the students achieve higher in their life they should be familiar of English and must be perfect in English . So as a reason the students are taught in English.

    Even though the different countries have different languages, English is the language using which an individual can communicate to the whole world. Learning the English to get placed in a good company or to understand things better, the English learners have become more. In such a way the English has become the most used and the most prominent language when compared to the other languages.

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