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Activity Discussion Environment Environment

  • Ishita

    August 9, 2021 at 6:36 pm
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    Nature are some things we all rely on . We call Nature “mother”,as mother nature provides us with all of our needs like air, water, trees, mountains and much of more. So, we all owe nature considerably . Nature makes a stunning and habitable environment for us.This Nature encompasses all living and nonliving occurring naturally. this is often often often applied to earth. The natural environment is included land,water, air, plants and animals. you will see that every one the weather of nature are required to make up a healthy habitable natural environment. Let’s discuss the importance of the weather which comprises natural environment:
    <div>Land:- Land is one of the foremost elements of mother nature which must make the environment habitable.The all living and nonliving beings survive the land.Land protects them from all difficulties. the homes , school, river, offices all are built up over the land.Many living insects and animals live under the land like earthworms,rats and much of others.</div><div>Air:- Air is that the foremost essential a neighborhood of the lifetime of all living beings. Air gives Oxygen and CO2 which are both required for our lives.Trees produce oxygen and humans produce CO2 . By eliminating the CO2 humans get oxygen from the tree which help them live ,on the other hand Trees eliminate oxygen by taking CO2 ,which is required within the method of ‘photosynthesis’ ,by which trees produce fruits.</div><div>Water:- Water is additionally one the vital element we’d like for living.Humans drink water ,trees need water for living and producing fruits and other animals including fish,tiger,lion,birds and fishes need water for living.All this animals create the environment which comprises nature.</div><div>Plants:- Plant is one of the foremost the element of the character but it also depends on previous the weather .Plants lived their lives by relying on other elements but the other living beings are enthusiastic to the plants for living.Plants provide oxygen, fruits,veges,woods, medicines and other like. Plants also responsible for the natural phenomenon of our eco system.</div><div>So, we’ll see that every one living and non-living beings are benifit by the comprises of natural environment.</div><div>

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