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Activity Discussion Environment Environment

  • Ishita

    August 6, 2021 at 3:26 pm
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    A layer of air which surrounds the world is understood because the atmosphere. Basically it formed with various gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxides, dust particles and water vapor . Atmosphere is holded by the gravity of the world . It protects us from the consequences of the harmful ultraviolet rays. The changes within the atmosphere cause the change in weather and climate. The nitrogen level is 78.1% , oxygen level is 20.9% and CO2 level is 0.035%. It doesn’t end in any specific place. it’s a thinner layer above the world . there’s no clear border between the atmosphere and space. But sometimes the karman line is treated as a border. It played a crucial role in maintaining earth’s temperatures. The atmosphere may be a medium for transferring water. Later these water continuously evaporates into the atmosphere and activates to the world within the sort of rain or snow. This rain or snow gathers into the streams and glaciers, and assists in wearing the rocks and transporting the sediments to the ocean . Everything on the world depends on the atmosphere. What quite life we’re gonna live also depends on the atmosphere. It protects us from the atmospheric phenomenon . So how we behaves on the environment it effect on the environment.

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