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Activity Discussion Environment How to prevent soil pollution?

  • Aashutosh

    May 13, 2021 at 5:41 pm
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    Before learning how to prevent soil pollution, Let’s see what is soil pollution.

    Soil Pollution: Soil Pollution is a contamination of soil with a toxic concentration of harmful substances. It can be summarized as the removal of useful substances and reduction of harmful substances.

    The extensive use of chemicals, fertilizers, and methods like stock breeding and intensive farming leads to the pollution of soil. Various natural, as well as man-made chemical substances like heavy metal, contribute to polluting the land.

    The toxic substances that are deposited in soil degrade the quality of soil, air, and water. It has many other adverse effects on nature as well as on different living beings.

    1. The toxic pollutants that will enter our body can damage our health or causes a headache, stomachache, etc.

    2. It can hugely reduce the amount and quality harvest produced.

    3. It can affect the climate by releasing Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by soil degradation.

    4. Soil Degradation also affects the quality of water and air.

    5. Soil contamination is one of the major reasons for species extinction.

    6. Global economy highly decreases due to soil pollution.

    These are the consequences of soil pollution. To deal with these consequences we need to reduce soil pollution:

    1. Properly recycle batteries.

    2. Produce homemade compost and dispose of harmful substances in a controllable manner.

    3. Encourage more eco-friendly models for the industry, farming, and stock breeding, etc.

    4. Improve urban planning.

    5. Maintain and improve transport planning and wastewater treatment.

    6. Improve the management of mining waste.

    7. Restore the landscape.

    8. Conserve topsoil.

    9. Reduce the use of platics.

    10. Treating industrial waste before releasing.

    Follow these steps to prevent soil pollution.

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