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Activity Discussion Environment Environmental issues

  • Haritha

    December 31, 2023 at 10:36 am
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    Environmental issues pose a critical challenge to our planet’s well-being. Deforestation threatens biodiversity, disrupting ecosystems and intensifying climate change. Pollution, particularly from industrial activities and waste disposal, contaminates air, water, and soil, endangering human and wildlife health. Depletion of natural resources, like water and fossil fuels, exacerbates ecological imbalances. Climate change, driven by greenhouse gas emissions, leads to extreme weather events and rising sea levels. Loss of biodiversity, driven by habitat destruction, jeopardizes delicate ecological balances. Addressing these environmental issues requires global cooperation, sustainable practices, and a collective commitment to preserving our planet for future generations. Let us discuss about the major environmental issue- pollution and its types.

    Pollution comes in various forms, impacting the environment and human health. The main types include:

    1. Air Pollution: Caused by emissions of pollutants into the air from vehicles, industries, and other sources. It includes particulate matter, gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and pollutants affecting air quality.

    2. Water Pollution: Contamination of water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, by pollutants like industrial waste, chemicals, sewage, and oil spills. It endangers aquatic life and affects human water supply.

    3. Soil Pollution: Results from the introduction of harmful substances into the soil, often due to industrial activities, agricultural chemicals, and improper waste disposal. It can degrade soil quality and harm plant life.

    4. Noise Pollution: Caused by excessive noise from various sources like traffic, industries, and urban development. Prolonged exposure can lead to health issues and disrupt ecosystems.

    5. Light Pollution: Excessive or misdirected artificial light that interferes with the natural darkness of the night sky. It affects ecosystems, wildlife behavior, and human health.

    6. Thermal Pollution: Caused by the release of heated water into natural water bodies, often from industrial processes. Elevated temperatures can harm aquatic life and disrupt ecosystems.

    Addressing these pollution types requires concerted efforts in regulation, sustainable practices, and public awareness.

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  • Aditi

    June 22, 2023 at 7:53 pm
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    Before talking about types of pollution let’s first know what pollution is . Pollution is the presence of harmful or contaminated substance which is present in your nature , environment or surrounding causing harm to the living beings . There are several types of pollution, namely:-
    (i) Air pollution- The release of harmful gases, particles, and contaminants into the atmosphere results in this type of pollution. Burning of fossil fuels, chemical reactions, and emissions from cars are some of the sources. Smog creation, respiratory illnesses, and climate change are all impacted by air pollution.
    (ii) Water Pollution-The poisoning of water sources like rivers, lakes, and oceans is referred to as “water pollution.” Waste from factories, sewage, waste from agriculture, and oil spills can all contribute to it. The destruction of aquatic systems, loss of the environment, and health risks for both humans and animals are caused by water pollution.
    (iii)Soil pollution-When contaminants including chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and waste items enter into the soil, it causes soil contamination. Due to the negative impact of this pollution on soil fertility, crop yields are decreased, plant and animal life are harmed, and groundwater is contaminated.
    (iv)Noise Pollution-Noise pollution is the term used to refer to the excessive or disturbing noise levels in the environment that are frequently put on by transport, manufacturing, construction, and urbanization. Long-term exposure to loud noises can impair cognitive performance and cause stress, hearing loss, sleep disruptions, and sleep disorders.
    (v)Thermal Pollution-Thermal pollution is the term used when referring to the excessive heat that is released into lakes and rivers, often as the consequence of industrial activities and power plants. It may cause dissolved oxygen levels to drop, disturbing the balance of aquatic ecosystems and killing marine life.
    As we dug deep or study elaborately we will discover various types of pollutions which we are unaware of. As mention in the above para are the basic and very known type of pollution, which is being observed by the world.

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