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Activity Discussion Essay Essay

  • Shweta

    May 28, 2021 at 11:32 am
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    Beauty is not limited till the outer beauty. According to today’s time, beauty means the face beauty, the fair complexion. Beauty is not only about the face beauty, it is also the inner beauty. Everyone gets attracted towards the face beauty the most. The fair complexion, good bright face are everyone’s choice. But no one talks about the inner beauty. The inner beauty contains the pure heart, loyalty, being a good person.

    People mostly go for a physical outer beauty. Suppose for instance if a circumstance takes place that a person wants to get married and he has got to choose between two girls. The first girl was beautiful physically but full of attitude and arrogance. The second girl was average looking but her nature was totally understanding, lovable and loyal. But due to physical beauty the man chooses the first girl and got married. He regretted for the whole life because he was not able to share his problems with his wife because she was not at all understanding and not even their mentality matches.

    At that time, one realizes that there is nothing to do with the beauty for which he chose her.

    The conclusion is, go for a inner beauty and beautiful soul not for a beautiful face. It will make you regret. It is not at all true that the people with physical beauty are not good. But we need to know and judge people so that we do not get a chance to regret.

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