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Activity Discussion Essay essay on animal cruelty

  • tanya

    July 14, 2021 at 1:17 am
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    Every organism in this world has a unique role to play and a specific place in the food cycle. All of them contribute to supporting the existence of life on this planet. The presence of animals is necessary as it maintains the balance in the ecosystem in today’s world. Every animal is vital as without even, one the food cycle would be disturbed. Animals also serve as companions. They help manage our stress, anxiety, depression. Animals are termed human beings friends’ as they are always loyal to them.

    These days, many people are been observed killing animals for their personal selfish reasons. Animal cruelty is the intention of killing animals and showing violence towards them. Animals are being treated poorly by human beings. Just because they can’t speak, they are being violated by mankind for their own selfish reasons. We, as human beings, should understand that animals are also living organisms who have all the senses just that they can’t speak. But they do express their love towards humans. They do have feelings. Whether domestic or not, they should not be treated poorly.

    Animal cruelty is being carried out in various countries in the veil of experimental studies or research. It has also been observed that animals kept in sanctuaries or zoos are not given proper care. Many people kill animals just to fulfill their passion for animal hunting. What we should understand is that they are also living organisms and have a right to lead their life the way they want to. Cruelty towards needs to be addressed and some serious steps should be taken against the people following this practice. Cruelty towards animals has led to many deaths, and many animals have become extinct because of the unwanted killing of animals. Animal cruelty is a punishable offense as it leads to the death of innocent animals.

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