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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on aquatic life.

  • Ishita

    September 15, 2021 at 4:00 pm
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    Aquatic life

    Aquatic animals are those kinds of animals who live under the water. Aquatic lives are different from the lives of the animals on land. They breathe inside the water. They also need oxygen but their process of inhaling is much more different than other animals on land. We breathe oxygen through air and they breathe it through water. Aquatic animals usually don’t get contact with the world outside water. Water is the whole world of aquatic animals. Not only animals there are also many plants which live under the water. We all also need water for living, but we need it in a different way. We drink the water but aquatic animals live inside the water. Aquatic animals live in the water bodies, like ponds, lakes, rivers, and the sea. But there are also some aquatic animals who can live in both water and land. Like frogs, ducks, and many more. But the animal that comes to our mind as aquatic animals is fish. Dolphins, sharks are also aquatic animals. There are also many different kinds of species in world those lived inside the aquatic world. Some of the aquatic animals breathe through gills and some of them breathe through skin. They have a very sensitive body so we should carefully deal with them. But in these days we humans lives their life hell. We throw garbage, plastic, oils and many more things under the water which make them die. In every year approximately over billions of fishes and aquatic animals found dead near the shores of water. Every animals in the planet are important to keep the biodiversity. But we are forgetting that throw ourselves into destruction. We better stops now and s spread awareness to others. It will make both our and their lives much more beautiful.

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