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  • Ishita

    September 18, 2021 at 4:15 pm
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    Change in the mode of interaction

    The advanced technology makes communication between people so easy. The change in communication makes the interaction between people so different from before. At the previous times, theology wasn’t so advanced, so the majority of the communication was conducted by letters. After the telegram system was invented the method is improved a little. People started to interact through telegram rather than letters. In this modern era technology has transformed the way of communication. Although the effects of technology aren’t positive, mostly it isn’t negative. Advanced communication tools like mobile phones, laptops, computers are making the interaction between people so easy. We can communicate with people of all countries, if we can overseas we can communicate with our friends and family because of the advanced technology. However, the quality of the interaction is a decline in several ways. If people began to built relations online it ruins the authenticity of the relationship. The base of the relationship becomes so fake. The face to face contact is becoming less in the interaction in this time, but in previous times people are mostly found to interact with each other face to face. The technology also change the interaction of children, in previous times they are found to play on the streets and doing outdoor activities but now the majority of children are found indoors. The new mode of interaction certainly has a very positive impact on communication but it doesn’t mean that all the impacts are positive. We should use positivity of it and decline the negative impacts.

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