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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 27, 2021 at 9:12 pm
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    Nail polish are the artificially made colours which can apply to the nails. For girls who loves fashion and beauty love to apply those favourite colours in their hand nails and folt nails. In market any colours are available. There is a special art too for this, the nail art. And the nail artist payed good. These trends is come with the film actress. In early 90’s most of the actress used red colour nail polish. And there is no much women who used nail polish commonly. The society doesn’t like the usage of nailpolish, lipstick or any kind of makeup. In every womenly mind there is a one who loves beauty and makeup.

    We can use nail polish. But over usage is not good. Because those things that we apply to our nails are chemicals. We can see if we apply nail polish for more than a month with out remove it, there is a yellowish or orange colour in the nails. That shows our unhealthiness of our nails. It is better to allow sunlight to our nails. Because in the sides of nails it is easy to get derts and micro organisms. Use quality items. Some low quality items breaks our nails and being unhealthy.

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