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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Write a note about the importance of punctuations while writing an article.


  • Mahima

    May 20, 2021 at 12:13 am
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    Punctuation refers to the use of spacing, traditional marks, and some typographical devices to help in the interpretation and proper reading of written language, whether read silently or aloud.

    Punctuation is important for conveying and clarifying the sense of written language. Easy markers like a full stop or a comma, as well as more complicated ones like semicolons and hyphens, are included. Punctuation errors can completely alter the context of a sentence.

    A. COMMA: The omission or incorrect use of commas, even more than any other punctuation mark, may have troubling, hilarious, or even life-threatening results for your English composition.


    Let us eat ram.

    Let us eat, Ram.

    From the above sentence, you can understand the importance of a comma. The whole meaning of a sentence changes.

    B. QUOTATION MARKS: Aside from expression and book quotes, quotation marks are often used by authors to create space between themselves and the words. It’s the same as when we say we disapprove or disagree with something with air quotes.

    EXAMPLE: This book is written by a “professional” write. Here the quotation marks are unnecessarily used, and this happens quite a lot of time.

    C. HYPHENS: Hyphens are also unnecessarily used by some people in many sentences, same as quotation marks are used. Due to these mistakes whole meaning of a sentence changes.

    EXAMPLE: You have to work in a twenty four – hour shifts

    You have to work in twenty – four hour shifts

    Your hours will be long in the former. You’d be working a lot of short shifts in the latter. It’s worthwhile to compare the two.

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