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Activity Discussion General Discussion Gratitude

  • Ishita

    June 19, 2021 at 1:17 pm
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    Gratitude is a beautiful way to appreciate our life. It is a feeling and attitude of appreciation and thankfulness for the good which we have in life. It has been proven that when we express our gratitude to other people the feeling of happiness and calmness. It allows goodness in our lives. When a stranger greets you or holds the door for you I t makes you feel happy. It is way of gratitude.Gratitude can have a lot of positive side to our personal as well as social life. It improve our relationship with others. When we have a thankful feeling and it will improve our bond with the other and increase the trust factor and feeling of respect and love. It also makes us positive in life. When we express gratitude or receive it makes us feel happy in every way. People who have gratitude they didn’t have stress.if we being full of gratitude to others it makes society sensible. It make people become considerate and never leave a chance to say thank others. It helps society to progress and go in the right direction with the right stuffs needed for the development of it. When we become thankful and we compare ourselves to others as it helps us acknowledge our own achievements. There are various ways to express our gratitude to others. You can note things which help you to remember things. This way you will never forget anyone’s favor. Always appreciate everything in life including animals. We lucky to have them. And always be grateful to the community helpers like police officer, doctors, domestic workers. Always remember that we wake up everyday it is also a blessing. make sure to be grateful for a new day.

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