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  • Ishita

    September 30, 2021 at 3:37 pm
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    Harmony is a very important thing to lead a better lifestyle. Harmony means the state of peace when you suffer in life. We can not live without harmony. Every place needs to have harmony. The place with less harmony becomes too dangerous for living. We need to live together without violence. Harmony is very essential for the growth and development of any nation. Every religion in the world gives us lessons on peace and harmony. Violence and combat only cause distraction and loss of life. People become so stressed and anxious with these things in life. Harmony only brings peace and positivity in our lives, on the other hand, violence only causes destruction. Peace and harmony can give rise to the peaceful and safe ruling in society. These are essential ailments for the survival and development of humanity. A world compelled of peace and harmony clearly will fall apart and return to the wilderness era in which the strong target on the weak. It can cause inequality as well. The strong will exploit the weak and the whole balance in the society will be destroyed. If we maintain harmony in society then many social problems will be solved. Harmony promotes the idea of equality, justice, security, and trust, these things can make society perfect for living. Many problems like terrorism, violence, war, the assault will increase if we can’t maintain harmony in a society. We can not survive in our home, school, college and workplace without peace and harmony. Sometimes many serious issues can be resolved by harmony. Harmony has enormous power. So Harmony is very important in society, we all should keep it in mind. We should start with ourselves to promote harmony in our society, maybe we can influence others to stick on the path of peace and harmony.

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